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Common goal unites district — how leaders and teachers build Literacy and a collective responsibility for student learning

by UWCEL May 24, 2016

Strong literacy skills are a key factor for a student's educational achievement and career. But while the debate around higher academic standards has sharpened national focus on the reading of complex, discipline-specific informational texts, educators have been grappling with how to help content-area teachers support student literacy for decades.

Traditionally, content-area focused teachers, particularly in middle or high school, have not been trained to teach students how to access rigorous texts, including which disciplinary-specific strategies to use, how to break down and think about disciplinary text, or how to grapple with difficult questions while reading closely.

To address this challenge, Wyoming's Uinta County School District #1 is engaging in long-term, comprehensive literacy-focused professional learning in social studies, science, and vocational education.

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Rapides Foundation report highlights CEL's work in central Louisiana

by UWCEL Oct 27, 2014

Over the past few years, the Rapides Foundation and its local education fund, the Orchard Foundation, have worked with the Center for Educational Leadership (CEL) to help emerging and current instructional leaders in central Louisiana learn how to recognize highly effective practices within the classroom, and how to coach other educators to implement those practices.

The foundation's recently published 2013 annual report highlights this professional development work and gives some educators the chance to talk about their experience. One example: in school districts like Allen and Grant parishes, teachers conduct peer observations to learn from one another and students are engaged in the learning process. "It has helped teachers feel like they have more support. If they are struggling they can say ‘I need help’ and they will get help. They don’t feel isolated," said Rebecca Reeder, elementary supervisor for the Grant Parish School District.

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CEL To Present Job-embedded Learning: Studio-residency Model at AMLE Conference

by UWCEL Oct 31, 2012

CEL's Sandy Austin and a team from Teton County School District will present a powerful professional learning model for effective teaching at AMLE's annual conference, November 9, 2012 in Portland, Oregon.

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CEL is Partner and 'Critical Friend' to Transforming District

by Stephen Fink Mar 9, 2012

System-wide change in an education system is not easy, and it is not fast. Ginger Shattuck, who worked with the Center for Educational Leadership in a long-term comprehensive partnership aimed at boosting literacy in her underperforming district, describes the transformation as “evolutionary, not revolutionary.”

“We understood from the beginning that there would be no quick fixes, no magic bullets,” says Shattuck, who was superintendent of the Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District when it signed a multi-year contract with CEL in 2004 aimed at building a new vision, language, and mission for powerful, equitable classroom instruction.

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CEL's Learning Walkthroughs Featured

by UWCEL Feb 11, 2011

The Seattle Times featured CEL's learning walkthroughs as a promising strategy for improving instructional leadership. CEL uses learning walkthroughs to help educators to deepen their ability to observe, analyze and support quality instruction. The article follows a group of school superintendents who are touring classrooms in one another's school districts. 

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Transforming teaching

by UWCEL Sep 8, 2009

We’re hard pressed to find a profession more complex than teaching.  So, it’s no surprise that most professional development efforts aren’t successful in supporting this intricate process.  It’s encouraging to read the following article that captures an intentional, job-embedded professional learning model that actually does provide the type of “in the moment” support that schools need. You can download the article 
here .
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