Instructional Leadership in Action

Looking Back to Lean Forward: CEL's 20-Year Journey

"I Really Wanted to Get to School on Time": When Listening Guides Your Leadership

Celebrating Growth and Courage

Small Moments, Big Growth: A Year-End Reflection

What Centering Student Experience Looks Like

Getting Better to Lead for Equity, a Webinar

Listening to Center Student Experience

Your Leadership Lights the Way Forward

What the Four Dimensions of School Leadership Looks Like in Action

How the Four Dimensions of School Leadership Creates Focus in a Pandemic

When students feel happy and proud — the Student Experience Story Guide

Watch now: How we lead for equity

My role as a leader has changed — and needed to change. Here’s why.

The Pandemic Revealed Inequities — and New Ways to Address Them

The Importance of Relationships During Distance Learning

The Surprising Possibilities of Virtual Team Collaboration

Bringing Teams Together to Get Better - No Matter What

How Coaches are Improving Teaching in a Virtual Environment

What matters most to students and teachers for learning right now

Ways to Lead for Instruction Right Now

What's Next: Schooling or Learning?

Principal as the Turning Point: EduTalks 2020

Acknowledging Courage on Display

How Principals Learn

Meet the 2020 CEL District Leader Fellows

A Decade of Rigorous Teaching, Leading and Learning

The Importance of Partnership

CEL's Summer Reading List

Empowering all students takes courageous leaders: CEL’s new vision for student experiences and a mission to get there

Teacher professional learning: A shift in beliefs is key to advancing access and equity for students.

Leading for a new student experience in schools

How to reset your school leadership teams and teacher professional learning with an Instructional Leadership Academy

Call for teacher professional learning collaborators due May 17, 2019

Announcing a new approach to teacher professional learning that addresses persistent challenges of student learning

[Interview] Pushing for productive struggle and student learning with Superintendent Joseph Davis

Apply by June 30, 2019 for the AASA National Principal Supervisor Academy

Introducing the Leadership Guide for K-12 Teacher Professional Learning

[Interview] Striving for deep and rich student learning experiences with superintendent Jennifer Cheatham

Hope to see you at AASA's 2019 National Conference on Education

Introducing the CEL District Leader Fellows

[Interview] Elliot Washor discusses ways to put students at the center of their own learning

[Happy New Year!] What unites us – A limitless future for all children

[Interview] Gia Truong on her commitment to equitable education systems that provide all students with the skills they need to thrive.

What successful principals do to support teaching practice [Podcast interview]

We hope to see you at the Learning Forward 2018 Annual Conference

Is your approach to student progress data-centered or student-centered?

New book: Leading for Professional Learning - What Successful Principals Do To Support Teaching Practice

An interview with Ellen Dorr about her strong commitment to educational equity and system design

Instructional leadership teams to the rescue: Developing a shared vision is key to success

Is student-centered the latest catchphrase? Not if we can help it.

We're featuring teacher professional learning success stories at the Summer Leadership Institute 2018

Max Silverman named executive director of UW Center for Educational Leadership

A retrospective interview with Stephen Fink on teaching, leadership, and lessons for eliminating the achievement gap

Eliminating the achievement gap: systems and structures from the ground up

What have been your most successful teacher professional learning opportunities?

Power up your planning: A well-defined theory of action leads to systemwide change

Five priorities for the changing role of principal supervisor

Hope to see you at our sessions at the AASA National Conference on Education

Applications due April 13, 2018 for AASA National Principal Supervisor Academy

Principals: Our advice and resources for establishing instructional leadership teams

CEL's most-read blog post in 2017

CEL Executive Director Stephen Fink announces his farewell

Save the date for the Summer Leadership Institute in Seattle, July 10-11, 2018

Registration has opened for our February lineup of CEL Leadership Institutes

Teacher evaluation study shows need for continuous professional development

Announcing our 2017-2018 lineup of CEL Leadership Institutes

Recorded webinar: Transitioning from Version 2 to Version 3 of the 5D+™ Rubric

Inspiring growth — Academy gives Florida's educational leaders a safe and supportive learning space

Improving practice, inspiring growth

A look inside Central Louisiana's successful school leadership development model

AASA launches the National Principal Supervisor Academy

We're featuring school district success stories at the Summer Leadership Institute 2017

End-of-school sale on CEL's classroom instruction DVDs

New training helps districts move to version 3 of the 5D+™ Rubric

What we are reading this spring

A school superintendent's insights on equity, recognizing success, and how buy-in is like an accordion

Introducing our keynote speakers for the Summer Leadership Institute 2017

How my school district improved graduation rates with equity

CCSSO puts a spotlight on the Commissioner's Leadership Academy in Florida

This state's school leaders use job-embedded professional development for real learning and growth

CEL launches new Instructional Leadership Academy

Aspiring Leaders program prepares Central Louisiana educators for leadership positions

Want to become an expert school leader? Ask more questions.

Learn how to supervise principals for improved leadership in October institute

To improve district leadership, we need to learn and share

What we are reading this summer

Celebrate the power of coaching

New institute helps coaches support higher standards in math and literacy

Build a roadmap to support great teaching with new School Leadership Institute

Common goal unites district — how leaders and teachers build Literacy and a collective responsibility for student learning

With ESSA, it’s (finally) time to put growth at the center of teacher evaluation

Revised 5D+™ Rubric for Instructional Growth and Teacher Evaluation now available

5 tips for setting up and sustaining coaching in your district

Delivering impactful feedback to teachers

Get specific in improving instructional practice with the new 4D™ Instructional Leadership Growth Continuum

New 4D™ Instructional Leadership Growth Continuum describes leadership behavior by skill levels

Could common core save our democracy?

Central Office Needs to Support, Not Just Manage Schools - Here is How You Can Help

Closing the Achievement Gap Requires Closing the Gap Between Schools and Central Offices

Developing Principals as Equity-centered Instructional Leaders

How Central Offices Support Principals: What Works And What's Missing [Infographic]

Common Core: An Obituary

Now available: Principal Support Framework 2.0

3 Things All Principals Need From Their Central Office To Be Successful

How to Create a Results-Focused Learning Environment

Better Teacher Feedback Can Accelerate Student Learning

Nominate an Aspiring Leader for the Danforth Program

Webinar Series: New Ways for Principals and Central Offices to Work Together for Better Instruction

Celebrating 15 Years of Making Great Teachers, Principals and District Leaders

Our 5 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2015

Learn How to Create a Results-focused Learning Environment in March Leadership Institute

How Principals Can Support Teachers in Assessing Goals Midyear

One Key Ingredient For Successful Content Area PD: Include Instructional Leaders

New Midyear Teaching Tune-up to Analyze Impact and Refine Goals

How This School Went From Lowest to Highest Performing in Three Years

Central Office Leaders Discuss How to Support Teaching and Principal Effectiveness at Scale

Learn How to Give Targeted Feedback - Five Two-day Institutes Across California

How to Set Up Principal Supervision That Works for Principals

3 Important Ways to Connect Teaching Practice to Student Learning

The Problem With Opt-outs (And How to Move Forward)

Live Webinar Series: Keeping the Student at the Center of Instructional Leadership

Keeping One Foot in the Classroom: Developing Teacher Leaders in Pittsburgh

What Great Sports Coaches Can Teach Us About Effective Targeted Feedback 

It’s Time To End Principal Licensing in Favor of Real Accountability

How to Find the Right Data to Support Professional Goal Setting

Your Teachers Know the Instructional Framework and Rubric. What’s Next?

New Podcast on Developing an Area of Focus

New White Paper on Redesigning Principal Supervision to Support Instructional Leadership

Why Heavy-handed Accountability Has Not Improved Teaching and Learning

Federally Funded Study Will Refine and Validate Tool to Measure Instructional Leadership Skills

Learn How to Give Targeted Feedback in Two-day Institute

New Area of Focus Institute for Principals, Coaches, Teachers and Teacher Leaders

Shifting to Common Core - Challenges and Solutions in West Baton Rouge Parish School District

Summer Institute Kicks Off Training for “Impact Evaluation of Support for Principals” Study

Why Should We Guarantee Novice Leader Performance?

Coaching Coaches Can Be More Effective with Teams

What is Targeted Feedback and When Do I Use It?

How to Analyze Complex Texts For Your Teaching - Step by Step

Are We Evaluating the Right Things in Schools?

Growth Mindset, Strong Partnerships, Part of Common Core Implementation Puzzle

How to Help Teachers Find an Area of Focus

How to Get Started With the 4D Instructional Leadership Framework

3 Teacher Support Programs to Ease "Initiative Overdrive"

New Website Resource for Implementing Higher Academic Standards

4 Steps of Inquiry That Help Principals Improve Instruction

Webinar: Applying a Cycle of Inquiry - A Key Strategy for Continuous Improvement

ASCD Conference Presentation on Role of Principal Supervisors in Developing Leadership

Now available: 4 Dimensions of Instructional Leadership™ 2.0

Effective Feedback for Teacher Growth Institute 2015 in San Diego

Building a Better Principalship

Leading for Learning: Supporting Principals as Effective Instructional Leaders

Webinar: How School Leaders Create a Results-focused Learning Environment

New Initiative Brings Leadership Training to More Than 70 Oregon School Administrators

3 New Resources to Keep Your Teacher/Principal Evaluation System on Track

Large-Scale Study to Evaluate the Impact of Principal Professional Development

New Video Shows How Principal Supervisors Support Principals

Webinar: What’s Your Theory of Action? How Effective School Leaders Plan for Improvement

What Does it Look Like When Principal Supervisors are Effectively Coaching Principals?

Now available: 5D+™ Stage II Online Training

Some Thoughts on Ebola and Gun Violence

Rapides Foundation report highlights CEL's work in central Louisiana

Principal Supervisor Panel at Council of the Great City Schools Conference

Central Kitsap Builds Shared Vision of Instruction

Teaching Not Telling Helps Principals Improve Their Instructional Leadership

Webinar: How School Leaders Can Find Time to Focus on Instructional Leadership

5D+™ Teacher Evaluation Colloquium in Tacoma, November 12, 2014

Webinar: Central Office Leadership in Principal Professional Learning Communities

Webinar: A Demonstration of Pivot with 5D+™

Webinar Series: Exploring the Major Shifts in the Common Core

Learning side by side: Teachers and principals work together to strengthen instruction

Developing a Replicable Feedback Process at 2014 Institute

New Guides for School Districts to Better Support Principals as Instructional Leaders

Principals as Instructional Leaders

Video Library Added to Project Resources

Reciprocal Accountability: How Effective Instructional Leaders Improve Teaching and Learning

This School District Tackles the Achievement Gap With Equity

Shelby County ILD Initiative Featured in the News

Principal Support Framework Action Area Resources and Tools

Leading for Effective Teaching: How School Systems Can Support Principal Success

In Memphis, principals are being coached like executives

Webinar: Cultivating the Principals Urban Schools Need

Danforth Educational Leadership Program Offers New Performance Guarantee

Delivering on the Promise of Equity

Principal Support Framework

Building on the Principal Support Framework: District Self-Assessment and Planning Template

Commentary: Keeping Continuous Growth at Teacher Evaluation's Core

Keys to Effective Teacher Feedback at the CEL Summer Leadership Institute

AASA Podcast: Leadership Tools to Support Principal Success

Instructional Leadership, Not Evaluation, Will Improve Teaching

Danforth, CEL To Offer Instructional Leadership Performance Guarantee

Inspiring Instructional Leaders in Louisiana

Flipping the Old Approach to Teacher Evaluation

Teacher Evaluation for Continuous Growth and Improvement

Two Powerful Sessions for Superintendents and School Leaders

CEL To Present Job-embedded Learning: Studio-residency Model at AMLE Conference

New Jersey Approves CEL’s 5D+™ Teacher Evaluation Rubric

CEL, Minneapolis and Seattle Public Schools head to Council of the Great City Schools

Principals Collaborate in Seattle

Addressing Common Core and Student Learning Begins With Purpose

Purpose is the Foundation for Both Leadership and Instruction

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