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New 4D™ Instructional Leadership Growth Continuum Describes Leadership Behavior By Skill Levels

by UWCEL Apr 1, 2016

The work of the instructional leader is to ensure that every day, in every classroom, every student has a powerful learning experience. To do this, leaders need to know the most essential aspects of instructional leadership as described in the Center for Educational Leadership's 4 Dimensions of Instructional Leadership. Now, CEL is introducing a companion resource to the 4D™ framework — the 4D Instructional Leadership Growth Continuum.

This new tool describes growth in leadership behavior at various levels of expertise ranging from novice to expert. It can be used for self-assessment, personal reflection, goal setting, leadership coaching, and professional learning.

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Central Office Redesign Institute for District and School Leaders on May 4

by UWCEL Feb 9, 2016

School systems across the country want to better support the work of their principals. For most systems this means a real focus on helping central office leaders work differently.

In this new institute hosted by the San Diego County Office of Education, experts from the Center for Educational Leadership (CEL) will give central office leaders the background and tools necessary to take critical actions to restructure how they work to better support principals as instructional leaders.

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Now Available: Principal Support Framework 2.0

by UWCEL Jan 29, 2016

The University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership (CEL) has released an updated version of the Principal Support Framework. Representing the best thinking of educators from across the country, the framework describes key actions of central offices that effectively support principals as instructional leaders.

Version 2.0 continues its focus on how central office leaders can best support principal success, but includes critical updates including:

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Take New Survey, Find Out How Your Central Office Works (And Compares to Others)

by UWCEL Jan 27, 2016

Are you a district leader interested in better understanding how things are working in your central office? Do you want to deepen your conversations about how to create the conditions for principals to focus on instructional leadership?

A new tool available now on CEL's website gives central office leaders and managers the opportunity to survey colleagues in the district on their opinion how the central office works and compare those results with other districts from across the country.

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Nominate an Aspiring Leader for the Danforth Program

by UWCEL Jan 7, 2016

Many principals and superintendents can name the person who first tapped them to be a leader. Who saw the leader in you? Who mentored and coached you to be the leader you are today?

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Webinar Series: New Ways for Principals and Central Offices to Work Together for Better Instruction

by UWCEL Jan 5, 2016

Principals are in a prime position to drive better instruction at their school. But they can't do it alone. Central offices need to give them the support they need to be successful.

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Celebrating 15 Years of Making Great Teachers, Principals and District Leaders

by UWCEL Jan 4, 2016

In 2016 the Center for Educational Leadership (CEL) celebrates another milestone — our 15th anniversary. Founded in 2001 as a nonprofit service arm of the University of Washington College of Education, we continue to be dedicated to eliminating the achievement gap that divides our nation’s children along the lines of race, class, language and disability.

To mark the occasion and take a moment to look back, we worked with graphic artist (and teacher) Taryl Hansen to create a visual overview of CEL's last 15 years (see image above). 

Explore the graphic and watch a short video slideshow

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Learn How to Create a Results-focused Learning Environment in March Leadership Institute

by UWCEL Dec 14, 2015

As citizens and educators, we want ALL students to perform to the highest level. Yet, in schools and school systems across the nation, instructional leaders face chronic gaps in student achievement. In the upcoming one-day institute "How to Create a Results-focused Learning Environment" (March 31, 2016 in Seattle), experts from the Center for Educational Leadership (CEL) will work with central office and school leaders to help them take the critical actions that drive results for all students.

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New Midyear Teaching Tune-up to Analyze Impact and Refine Goals

by UWCEL Nov 13, 2015

In January, teachers and principals often take stock of progress and make plans for the rest of the school year. At the Center for Educational Leadership's (CEL) new Midyear Teaching Tune-up on January 21, 2016 in Seattle, Wash., educators get the chance to analyze impact and refine their goals with the help of CEL experts.

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Central Office Leaders Discuss How to Support Teaching and Principal Effectiveness at Scale

by UWCEL Nov 9, 2015

CEL recently hosted 70 central office leaders from across the country for the Leading for Effective Teaching Fall District Leadership Summit in Scottsdale, Ariz. The summit helped participants zero in on an important national conversation on how central offices can better support principals as instructional leaders.

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