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New Website Resource for Implementing Higher Academic Standards

by UWCEL Apr 2, 2015

The University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership (CEL) in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has launched a new website resource to help school districts across the nation with their implementation of higher academic standards. Bringing together tools, case studies, webinars and videos, this site offers a wide variety resources to deal with common implementation challenges resulting from the recent shift toward Common Core State Standards.

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New Webinar: Applying a Cycle of Inquiry - A Key Strategy for Continuous Improvement

by UWCEL Mar 25, 2015

All educators continue to learn and enhance their practice over time. We identify areas of focus, learn from our experiences and try out new ways to teach and lead. But to truly grow our practice and ensure academic success for all students, we need a routine process that helps us structure our continuous improvement efforts.

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ASCD Conference Presentation on Role of Principal Supervisors in Developing Leadership

by UWCEL Mar 24, 2015

Given the redefined roles and demands of principals, their supervisors must transform how they lead, coach, and supervise. At this year’s 70th ASCD Annual Conference in Houston, Texas, CEL Project Director Karen Cloninger joined by Renton Public Schools Assistant Superintendent Tammy Campbell, Ed.D., presented CEL’s partnership work around the role of principal supervisors in developing leadership actions that improve teaching and learning, engage principals in cycles of inquiry around instructional leadership goals, and focus on growing principal leadership in authentic contexts.

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Now available: 4 Dimensions of Instructional Leadership™ 2.0

by UWCEL Feb 20, 2015

The University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership (CEL) has released an updated version of the 4 Dimensions of Instructional Leadership. Describing the most important aspects of instructional leadership in more detail and clarity, this refined version of the framework helps school leaders better identify areas for instructional improvement and focus their time and energy on academic achievement for all students.

Version 2.0 incorporates feedback from educators using the 4D™ framework in their daily instructional practice and reflects CEL’s experience from working with school districts across the nation. CEL experts also reviewed current research published by the Wallace Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and others.

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Effective Feedback for Teacher Growth Institute 2015 in San Diego

by UWCEL Feb 19, 2015

The San Diego County Office of Education - Learning and Leadership Services Division has partnered with the University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership to offer a two-day Effective Feedback for Teacher Growth Institute.

This is a specialized Leadership Institute designed to address the needs of school leaders in implementing structures and processes for providing teacher feedback and growth through an inquiry stance. The Institute supports principals, teachers and central office leaders in developing the skills and tools for strengthening teaching practice through a collaborative feedback process that results in the improvement of student learning. ​Districts are also encouraged to send teams that include principals, teachers and a central office leader who supervises principals​​. 

As a result of the Institute:

  • ​Participants will learn how to develop and provide feedback through collaborative processes based upon identified learning needs/goals
  • The content will introduce formative and targeted feedback structures designed to support teacher growth of instructional practice to increase student learning
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Webinar: How School Leaders Create a Results-focused Learning Environment

by UWCEL Jan 12, 2015

One of the most significant roles – and biggest challenges – of a school leader is to create and maintain a results-focused learning environment. Schools and school districts are facing initiative overload. It takes determined leadership and clear communication to deal with the implementation of higher academic standards, new evaluation systems and other demands on school leaders’ time and efforts. Creating and maintaining a results-focused learning environment is more important than ever to raise student achievement and to eliminate achievement gaps.

In this third webinar on the 4 Dimensions of Instructional Leadership™, school leaders learn how to establish rigorous expectations for every student while responding to individual student’s needs as well as the diversity of students in the school by creating effective systems of collaboration.

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New Initiative Brings Leadership Training to More Than 70 Oregon School Administrators

by UWCEL Jan 9, 2015

Starting this month, Oregon education reform organization The Chalkboard Project is embarking on a new initiative that will bring leadership training to 71 school administrators responsible for 41 percent of Oregon’s K-12 students.

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Large-Scale Study to Evaluate the Impact of Principal Professional Development

by UWCEL Dec 19, 2014

Beginning in 2015, a coalition of research and education institutions will launch a large-scale, randomized controlled trial evaluation of principal professional development funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences.

The rigorous evaluation will provide evidence on the effectiveness of principal professional development and practical guidance to policymakers, states and school districts.

Mathematica Policy Research will conduct the evaluation with its study team partners American Institutes for Research, Social Policy Research Associates, and Pemberton Research under U.S. Department of Education contract number ED-IES-14-C-0028.

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New Video Shows How Principal Supervisors Support Principals

by UWCEL Dec 17, 2014

We are excited to release a new Leading for Effective Teaching (LET) project video, Principal Supervisors in Action: A Strategy for Improving Instructional Leadership, which shows the day-to-day work of principal supervisors in two different school systems: Tulsa Public Schools and Green Dot Public Charter Schools.

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Webinar: What’s Your Theory of Action? How Effective School Leaders Plan for Improvement

by UWCEL Nov 18, 2014

School leaders must have a clear idea of what good instruction should look like. In addition, instructional leaders need to know why they make certain instructional decisions over others in order to have a lasting impact.

This second installment of our webinar series on the 4 Dimensions of Instructional Leadership™, helps school leaders understand why it is so important to have a rationale behind the strategies they choose and how to help school staff articulate the thinking behind their decisions. 

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