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Why Should We Guarantee Novice Leader Performance?

by UWCEL on Jul 1, 2015

odoherty-ann_09-175x175i_0Novice principals often struggle with transferring what they learned in their preparation program to a completely new environment. It is especially hard for principals because their role is complex and can differ from district to district. An approach that worked well in one setting may fail when applied in another environment.

In this blog post, Ann O'Doherty, director of the Danforth Educational Leadership program at the University of Washington, argues that we shouldn't leave the success of a first-year principal to chance and encourages principal preparation programs to follow Danforth's lead in offering a leadership performance guarantee. This guarantee, developed in partnership with the Center for Educational Leadership, offers side-by-side coaching and other professional development work at no cost to the district or the graduate, if the new principal or district leaders notice that he or she is not demonstrating the exit standards in certain key competency areas.

Read the post on the University Council for Educational Administration blog.

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