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Principal Support Framework

by Max Silverman on Oct 17, 2013

Principal-support-frameworkThe Principal Support Framework represents the best thinking of educators and other staff in the partnership sites about the support that is essential to principals if they are indeed to serve as instructional leaders in their schools. Grounded in the findings of Leading for Effective Teaching and other key research, particularly the work of Meredith Honig and colleagues at the University of Washington on central office transformation for district-wide teaching and learning improvement, the framework addresses three action areas:
  • A Shared Vision of Principals as Instructional Leaders
  • A System of Support for Developing Principals as Instructional Leaders
  • Making It Possible for Principals to Be Instructional Leaders

Each action area highlights several key ideas that make up the vision for that area, with statements that provide possible evidence that would show a school system is fulfilling those ideas. School system leaders can use this framework, and the related self-assessment tool, to guide an inquiry into where they stand on the key dimensions of successful support for principals.

Topics: District Leadership

About the author: Max Silverman

Max Silverman is the executive director of the University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership (CEL) where he provides leadership for improving school systems focused on equitable outcomes for students.

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