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New White Paper on Redesigning Principal Supervision to Support Instructional Leadership

by UWCEL on Aug 10, 2015

let-whitepaperPrincipal supervisors can be an important resource for school improvement when they emphasize principal growth and learning. But transforming the role of principal supervisors and building the tools and support structures to help them grow principals' instructional leadership skills is a challenging task.

In a new white paper from the University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership (CEL) and the District Leadership Design Lab (DL2), authors Drs. Lydia Rainey and Meredith Honig describe the initial efforts of 11 school systems that are redesigning principal supervisor positions, highlight common trends and share emerging best practices. The school systems all participate in the Leading for Effective Teaching (LET) project, a partnership between the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and CEL.

The white paper “From Procedures to Partnership ­– Redesigning Principal Supervision To Help Principals Lead for High-quality Teaching and Learning” provides insight into:

  • How school system leaders redesigned their principal supervisor positions according to the lessons from emerging research.
  • How they have been tackling early implementation challenges.
  • What district leaders can do to build on lessons learned from research and practice.

"We feel that it is critical to understand and share how LET school systems are changing the role and work of principal supervisors," said Max Silverman, associate director at the Center for Educational Leadership. "We want to help other schools systems learn from LET participants’ successes and challenges in order to inform their efforts moving forward."

“Our research to date has shown what principal supervisors do when their work supports principals’ growth as instructional leaders,” noted Meredith Honig, associate professor at the University of Washington and director of the District Leadership Design Lab. “This paper fills an important knowledge gap by helping leaders see what it looks like when school systems take up these challenging ideas — the challenges they confront and the opportunities they create — to ensure principals have the support they need for success.”

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