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Webinar: What’s Your Theory of Action? How Effective School Leaders Plan for Improvement

by UWCEL on Nov 18, 2014

June_RimmerSchool leaders must have a clear idea of what good instruction should look like. In addition, instructional leaders need to know why they make certain instructional decisions over others in order to have a lasting impact.

This second installment of our webinar series on the 4 Dimensions of Instructional Leadership™, helps school leaders understand why it is so important to have a rationale behind the strategies they choose and how to help school staff articulate the thinking behind their decisions. 

Join CEL Associate Director June Rimmer and learn ways to give your instructional improvement efforts a solid footing, including: 

  • What a theory of action is and how it can help school leaders plan the work toward the improvement of instruction and increased student achievement.
  • How to develop a theory of action and provide the specificity of thought and reasoning that can guide your work.
  • How to build a theory of action that helps establish a clear path with specific checkpoints to your goals of impacting student achievement.

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