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Webinar: Applying a Cycle of Inquiry - A Key Strategy for Continuous Improvement

by UWCEL on Mar 25, 2015

cathy-thompson-180-180All educators continue to learn and enhance their practice over time. We identify areas of focus, learn from our experiences and try out new ways to teach and lead. But to truly grow our practice and ensure academic success for all students, we need a routine process that helps us structure our continuous improvement efforts.

In this fourth webinar on the 4 Dimensions of Instructional Leadership™, school leaders learn how to use a cycle of inquiry as a means of strengthening instruction and leadership through collecting and analyzing data, developing areas of focus, learning and implementing new strategies to improve practice, and analyzing the impact of the new practices.

Join CEL Project Director Cathy Thompson and discover new ways to give your continuous improvement a solid footing, including:

  • Learn about a four-phase cycle of inquiry that can be applied as a means of improving practice with teachers and school leaders.
  • See how a cycle of inquiry is applied in a school.
  • Consider how you can use a cycle of inquiry in your own school.

Watch the recorded webinar

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