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New Podcast on Developing an Area of Focus

by UWCEL on Aug 12, 2015

principal-center-radio-joanna-695373-editedAn area of focus is what a teacher chooses to work on in his or her instructional practice in relationship to the strengths and needs of students within the school year. In a new Principal Center Radio podcast, CEL Project Director Joanna Michelson and host Justin Baeder, director of The Principal Center, discuss some of the common problems in finding a good area of focus and how to solve them, including:

  • Aligning individual teachers' area of focus with school- or districtwide instructional goals 
  • Setting instructional goals broad enough to promote ongoing professional growth and specific enough to impact student learning
  • Carving out time early in the school year for planning and goal setting

For teachers, coaches and principals interested in building an instructional goal-setting process, the Center for Educational Leadership will host the Area of Focus Institute on September 23rd, 2015 in Renton, Wash. Participants will work through a goal-setting process from start to finish and leave with a draft area of focus for the coming school year.

Listen to the podcast

Topics: Teaching Effectiveness, Area of Focus

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