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Leading for Effective Teaching: How School Systems Can Support Principal Success

by Max Silverman on Nov 1, 2013

White_paperThis report, written by Craig Jerald of Break the Curve Consulting, describes how the principalship is changing in school districts and CMOs that have adopted sophisticated new teacher development and evaluation systems. The report also highlights emerging strategies used in partnership sites and several other systems for better supporting principals as instructional leaders and human capital managers. The report focuses on three broad action areas that show considerable promise for helping principals meet new expectations: (1) clarifying the principal’s role as an instructional leader by specifying the high-impact practices for which principals will be accountable; (2) developing principals’ instructional leadership practices through job-embedded supports that build expertise; and (3) enabling principals to succeed as instructional leaders by providing sufficient time and strategic supports to perform the job well. By highlighting experiences across a group of school systems, the report can inform similar conversations about school leadership taking place in local communities and states around the country.

Topics: District Leadership

About the author: Max Silverman

Max Silverman is the executive director of the University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership (CEL) where he provides leadership for improving school systems focused on equitable outcomes for students.

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