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5D+™ Teacher Evaluation Colloquium in Tacoma, November 12, 2014

by UWCEL on Sep 17, 2014

Colloquium-ImageThe 5D+ Teacher Evaluation Colloquium is a place to learn and share with other districts that are using the 5D+ Teacher Evaluation Rubric.

Possible discussion topics include giving effective feedback to teachers, collective bargaining agreements, and problem-solving your district’s obstacles to a research-based implementation.

Bring your hardest questions and your best practices and be ready to share in an Open Space Technology* format.

Open Space session topics at past colloquiums included:

  • Supporting and differentiating learning for principals.
  • How to prioritize ongoing teacher training – diverse needs.
  • Consistency in scoring / calibration.
  • Tools that generate formative conversations.

Here are some things that participants had to say on reflection/evaluation forms at past colloquiums:

  • These were much richer conversations than I anticipated.  I appreciated having the experts in the room sharing (CEL folks and those in the field).
  • We set the agenda so our needs were met.
  • This is the first time we’ve been able talk with other districts as practitioners.  It really helped to hear what is going in other districts. 
  • I will leave today with an increased understanding and focus on our next steps in our district.
  • We are all learning together!

The colloquium will be helpful for central office, school and teacher leaders. Light morning snacks and a boxed lunch will be provided.

*Open Space Technology (OST) is a process for hosting meetings, conferences and other events that allows participants to efficiently group themselves to seek and share information, questions, and experiences, and to engage in problem-solving and other group activities, without preparing a formal agenda in advance of the event.

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