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Inspiring growth — Academy gives Florida's educational leaders a safe and supportive learning space

by UWCEL on Jul 26, 2017

Learning-Walkthroughs-Clay-.jpgWhat does it mean for a school system to cultivate or build instructional leadership at scale? In the June 2017 issue of Learning Forward's journal, The Learning Professional, CEL's Stephen Fink and Anneke Markholt describe a research-based curriculum that is setting a new standard for school leadership professional development.

Fink and Markholt and their colleagues at the University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership have been helping educators throughout Florida and across the country to embrace and develop five key elements of a professional learning system: 

  1. A common language and shared vision for high-quality instruction. 
  2. Nonjudgmental methods for observing and analyzing instruction.
  3. Deepened skills in providing targeted feedback and planning professional development.
  4. A broader, deeper culture of public practice.
  5. A collaborative and supportive professional learning community.

Read the full article from the June 2017 issue of The Learning Professional.

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