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Coaching Coaches Can Be More Effective with Teams

by UWCEL on Jun 25, 2015

Jennifer_McDermottTeachers often become coaches simply because they were successful classroom teachers. But coaching is its own job with its own set of criteria and expertise. When this transition happens without support, coaches are left to their own devices to figure out what to do. No matter how successful they were as teachers, coaches need access to guidance or a mentor to be effective in their role.

Jennifer McDermott, CEL's chief of staff, made this transition herself with the help of a mentor and – through her work at CEL – has helped instructional coaches in several districts to develop their methods and strategies as they move into their new role. In this blog post, she explains in detail how she uses Teaching Channel Teams, a video-enabled, professional learning platform, for the development of coaching practice.

Read the post on the Teaching Channel blog.

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