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Now available: 5D+™ Stage II Online Training

by UWCEL on Oct 30, 2014

Helping educators understand what good teaching looks like is at the heart of all our efforts to improve instruction. That’s why we are excited to offer 5D+™ Stage II Online Training, a new convenient learning tool for principals, principal supervisors and teacher leaders.

5D+ online training overview

5D+ Stage II Online Training develops and deepens learners’ knowledge of CEL’s instructional framework, teacher evaluation rubric, and inquiry cycle. 5D+ Stage I Online Training introduced participants to the Classroom Environment & Culture dimension of the framework and rubric as well as the 5D+ Inquiry Cycle. 5D+ Stage II Online Training provides learners an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of each of the remaining four dimensions. To get the most out of the new Stage I online training, learners should have completed Stage I, either online or in person.

"Stage II training helps school leaders and teachers build the skills necessary to utilize the 5D framework and 5D+ rubric to provide effective feedback to support ongoing teacher growth," said Patty Maxfield, director of teacher evaluation at CEL.

Apart from building fluency within each dimension of the 5D™ framework and 5D+ teacher evaluation rubric, the course will hone important evaluation skills. From scripting observations descriptively to analyzing observation data, to recognizing and manage bias – at the end of the training participants will be able to identify the differences between performance levels for each indicator within the rubric and provide effective teacher feedback.

Based on CEL’s expert-led on-site training, the new online training component is a great way for small and large districts to train staff members quickly and easily – self-paced and without travel or away-from-school time.



  • Individually paced content.
  • Four comprehensive modules with a focus on the Student Engagement, Purpose, Assessment for Student Learning, and Curriculum & Pedagogy dimensions.
  • Downloadable participant learning materials (i.e. readings, sample scripts, the 5D Framework).
  • Practice of observation and analysis of instructional data using classroom video.
  • Course duration of approximately 2.5 hours per module.
  • Reflection and writing activities.


$99 per individual for 120 days of course access.

Stage I Online Training is now available for $125 $79!

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Topics: Teaching Effectiveness, Teacher Evaluation, Targeted Feedback

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