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New 4D™ Instructional Leadership Growth Continuum describes leadership behavior by skill levels

by UWCEL on Apr 1, 2016

4D™ Instructional Leadership Growth ContinuumThe work of the instructional leader is to ensure that every day, in every classroom, every student has a powerful learning experience. To do this, leaders need to know the most essential aspects of instructional leadership as described in the Center for Educational Leadership's 4 Dimensions of Instructional Leadership. Now, CEL is introducing a companion resource to the 4D™ framework — the 4D Instructional Leadership Growth Continuum.

This new tool describes growth in leadership behavior at various levels of expertise ranging from novice to expert. It can be used for self-assessment, personal reflection, goal setting, leadership coaching, and professional learning.

Many principals and coaches are familiar with the 4 Dimensions of Instructional Leadership. This framework describes the essence of effective instructional leadership — the work principals must do to improve instructional practice.

The 4D Growth Continuum helps principals move toward this goal and describes what leadership behaviors look like at varying levels of expertise.

The 4D Growth Continuum addresses an issue CEL faculty see often in their work with principals across the country. Coaches, mentors or principal supervisors can be not specific enough in telling principals what they should do to get better. Principals and school leaders need to know specifically how they can improve rather than just getting the feedback, "You need to get better."

The new research-based tool describes some of the next steps instructional leaders can take to improve their practice and shows a clear growth path.

If you want to know more about this new tool and learn how to identify “next steps” in growing your instructional leadership practice, join our live webinar on April 21 with CEL Associate Director June Rimmer.

The 4D Growth Continuum is now available for $24 in the CEL store.

4D Growth Continuum

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