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How Central Offices Support Principals: What Works And What's Missing [Infographic]

by UWCEL on Feb 16, 2016


The role of the principal is rapidly changing. Gone is the idea of the principal as building manager. Today’s successful principal is a public relations professional, curriculum expert, data specialist, talent manager and — most importantly — an instructional leader.

School systems across the country are trying to adapt to this changed reality. But how do central office leaders think about these changes? What challenges and opportunities do they see? And are there key practices that create the right conditions for principals to succeed?

Check out the infographic below and learn what our survey of 195 central office leaders from six school systems (all participating in the Leading for Effective Teaching Project) can tell us about the current trends in the central office-principal relationship. (If you are interested in a more in-depth look, watch or sign up for our webinar series exploring the topic.)

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Infographic: Got Support? Principals and Their Central Offices

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