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CEL Leads for Instructional Improvement at ASCD Conference

by UWCEL on Apr 3, 2012

Stephen_FinkAt the 2012 ASCD annual conference and exhibit show in Philadelphia on March 24, more than 145 school district administrators, principals and educators from across North America gathered to hear a presentation by Dr. Stephen Fink, executive director of the UW Center for Educational Leadership.

His presentation, What Do Leaders Need to Know to Improve the Quality of Teaching?, provided new research illustrating the level of instructional expertise among school and district leaders. Fink discussed how improving student achievement rests on school leaders' abilities to develop the instructional expertise necessary to support teachers in the improvement of teaching.

Fink, who is the co-author of Leading for Instructional Improvement: How Successful Leaders Develop Teaching and Learning Expertise, provided participants with practical tools for observing and analyzing classroom teaching.

Topics: Teaching Effectiveness

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