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ASCD Conference Presentation on Role of Principal Supervisors in Developing Leadership

by UWCEL on Mar 24, 2015

ascd-presentation-participants-393281-editedGiven the redefined roles and demands of principals, their supervisors must transform how they lead, coach, and supervise. At this year’s 70th ASCD Annual Conference in Houston, Texas, CEL Project Director Karen Cloninger joined by Renton Public Schools Assistant Superintendent Tammy Campbell, Ed.D., presented CEL’s partnership work around the role of principal supervisors in developing leadership actions that improve teaching and learning, engage principals in cycles of inquiry around instructional leadership goals, and focus on growing principal leadership in authentic contexts.

Download the conference presentation and learn more about the Principal Support Framework, how to build the skills of the principal supervisor as coach and support, and some implementation examples from Renton Public Schools.

Topics: District Leadership, Principal Supervisors, Principal Support

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