Instructional Leadership in Action

A look inside Central Louisiana's successful school leadership development model

by UWCEL on Jun 19, 2017


Twenty-two Central Louisiana educators are fully prepared for instructional leadership positions after completing a three-year training that is designed to ultimately impact student achievement. Aspiring Leaders is a leadership institute administered by The Orchard Foundation and funded under The Rapides Foundation’s Education Initiative. The Aspiring Leaders curriculum was developed specifically for Central Louisiana by the University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership.

The Rapides Foundation's Education Initiative seeks to increase the level of educational attainment and achievement as the primary path to improved economic, social and health status. At the core of the initiative is its continued effort to build leaders in the field of education by offering a variety of institutes for Central Louisiana educators. 

Aspiring Leaders increases the pool of educators qualified for administrative positions in their districts, which is one of the reasons superintendents recommend teachers for it,” said Marjorie Taylor, Executive Director of The Orchard Foundation. “Because the program is centered around high-quality instruction, schools and students benefit.”

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